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You Can Make A Difference By NuStepping To End Alzheimer's

you made it happen and we thank you!

Last year, 203 NuStepping to End Alzheimer’s teams across the country stepped up to our challenge and raised over $250,000 to support The Longest Day®, the Alzheimer’s Association event held each year on the summer solstice.

What’s more, because of their remarkable efforts over the last four years, NuStepping teams have helped raise a total of $667,000 to benefit the important work of the Alzheimer’s Association.

When we launched NuStepping to End Alzheimer’s in 2014, it was to serve two purposes: to enlist others in support of The Longest Day and to raise awareness about the link between exercise and brain health. To that end, we developed programming geared toward our senior community customers with a goal that it would:

  • Engage participants in a meaningful experience that nurtured mind, body and spirit
  • Educate them about the importance of cardiovascular exercise for brain health
  • Empower them to develop their own fundraising and brain health awareness programs

As we hoped, our senior community customers used the concept as a launching pad to develop their own programs and events for The Longest Day. The passion, energy and commitment our teams put into their NuStepping events has been incredibly inspiring.

After four years, NuStepping to End Alzheimer’s has matured to the point that it can now stand on its own. As such, we’re stepping aside and turning the reins over to our teams. We’re also ending our role as a global team partner for The Longest Day.

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to focus our time, resources and energy for our annual NuStepping event and provide greater support for our local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. We hope you continue to do the same.

With gratitude,

NuStep, LLC



Is NuStepping to End Alzheimer’s done?

Although we’re no longer a global team partner of The Longest Day, we strongly encourage teams to continue holding their own NuStepping to End Alzheimer’s  relay events at their locations. It’s a great way to engage residents and employees and support the important work of the Alzheimer’s Association.


Can we continue doing NuStepping to End Alzheimer’s on our own?

Absolutely! From the start, we recognized that the success of NuStepping to End Alzheimer’s lay in the hands of our teams. We simply created a platform, provided tools and incentives, helped you get started and cheered you on. You shaped the program into what worked best for your community and ran with it.


Will NuStep still award recumbent cross trainers to the top three fundraisers?

No. However, all Longest Day participants are enrolled in the Alzheimer’s Association incentive program. To learn more about the program and the prizes you can earn, contact your local Alzheimer’s Association office.


Do we have to pay for registration?

Yes. Previously, through an agreement with the Alzheimer’s Association, all NuStepping to End Alzheimer’s teams could register for free. That is no longer the case. The registration donation is $20 per Team Captain and free for team members. You can register at www.alz.org/TLD.


How will we get t-shirts?

Once you register for The Longest Day, you will receive a Welcome Kit which includes a t-shirt. Additional shirts can be purchased in bulk from the Alzheimer’s Association for $5 each. For questions about t-shirts, email TLD@alz.org.


How do we get more information or support for The Longest Day?

For questions or support, please contact the Longest Day staff member at your local Alzheimer’s Association office, email TLD@alz.org or call 1-800-272-3900.



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